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About the artist

Dario De Siena is a painter based in Zürich, Switzerland.

His work portrays the beauty in everyday objects. His bold use of colour and the dynamic elements captured in his ethereal paintings reveal his thought process, the intense beauty he sees in the world around him.

Dario De Siena is an artist and graphic designer based in Zürich, Switzerland. His personal journey as an artist began at the tender age of 2 when he displayed his natural ability in drawing. “After Middle School, I enrolled in art class for 1 year and ended up loving it. I then enrolled at a private art school in Zürich Switzerland, taking a 4-year course,” he recalls.

The young artist’s interest in art flourished in his mother’s company, as she painted portraits in mystic style. Dario started out by painting graffiti as a hobby, using collage, stencils, acrylic paint and spray paint as his medium. He then made an important change in his art by moving on to abstract portraits, inspired by the beauty of a woman and the history behind her. His works capture the harmonious and stimulating interlinkage between beauty and distortion.

Dario has spent several years developing his style. A peek through his collection reveals a gradual evolution from collages and stencil to portrait, painting with acrylics and spray paint which enables him to better capture the boldness of his subject. Dario says of his work, “Each painting vibrates with artistic energy and colour. I look to works by Picasso, Dali, Banksy and my old works too for inspiration, and reduce the motivation to powerful components.”

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